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Njavallikunnel Paints in Paika, a thriving three-story retail outlet along the Pala to Ponkunnam SH road, offers a 3000 sqft haven for paint enthusiasts.

With a skilled team of six professionals, cutting-edge tinting facilities, and unbeatable prices, it’s your go-to destination for expert paint guidance and affordable choices.

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Are you looking for the perfect wall paint to transform your home? Look no further than Njavallikunnel ! We offer a wide selection of high-quality wall paints in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any taste and budget.

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Paika , Poovarani, Kerala 686577




+ 91 96332 39130

Njavallikunnel Paints is a premier retail paint outlet located at the entrance of Paika, along the Pala to Ponkunnam SH road. This three-story establishment spans 3000 sqft and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of top-tier paint brands and related products.

The three-story building features a spacious showroom showcasing a wide array of major paint brands and related products.The establishment provides ample parking space for customer convenience.


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Get directions to Njavallikunnel Paints in Paika, Kerala, for the widest selection of paint products, expert tinting services, and professional guidance at affordable prices.

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